Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Late-Night Questions

1.  Why is it that when there's a special event where you need your make-up to look perfect, it disappears?  And yet on an average, ho-hum day, it lasts forever?  Seriously, I put it on 18 hours ago...

2.  Why do the 7-Eleven people always act so put out when I ask them to stamp my Slurpee card?  I didn't ask for the card; I didn't create it.  They did, and they offered it to me.  So what's with the attitude?

3.  Why on earth did I agree to both the football boosters and the Little League presidency at the same time that I was beginning a new job?  I might be insane.

4.  What does it say about my current state of affairs that the highlight of my day was finding all of the necessary roly-polies for Matthew's lab tomorrow?  I'm not kidding, I went out this evening and found him more than a dozen.  I was much more excited than I probably needed to be.

5.  Why am I blogging all of this when I should be working or sleeping?  Oh, I know....because I miss blogging.

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