Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perfect Timing

You know that moment when... had a really rotten half hour and you're actually overwhelmed and crying, and then... open the door to leave for In-N-Out and you see a package addressed to you sitting on your doorstep, and then... see the return address and decide that whichever member of the family sent it, you will greatly welcome it, even if it's just a big empty box, and then... open it and it's a Happy Day present from your sister, and then...'s a STAR WARS cup (!), and then....

...your tears of sadness turn to tears of joy and instead of going to In-N-Out, you'd really rather be in the same room with your sister so that you can give her a big hug, and then... realize that God totally knew that you would need cheering up on this Saturday evening when He prompted your sister to send the package several days ago, and then... go out and enjoy a delicious burger and some animal fries with your three favorite men, 
counting your blessings.

Yeah.  That moment.

1 comment:

Thany said...

Ohhhhhhhh yes. Thank You Jesus for taking such good care of my friend.