Friday, June 19, 2009


I've had many nicknames over the years; I don't think any have made me giggle quite so much as one that I just received this week.

There's a boy on John's All Star team that John has never played with before so he really doesn't know our family. All he knows is that for the All Star season, I'm the lady that's his "team mom". For paperwork, certifications, uniforms, jackets, etc. he has to go through me.

To get the proper mental picture, you should know that this 14 year old is about the same size as my husband, if not a bit taller, and he has a visible mustache going.

Every time he calls for my attention, I snicker a bit inside. In the most polite voice that a 14 year old can muster, he kindly calls out...

"Mrs. Team Mom?"

I love it.


Thany said...

Ha! I love that!

I have been called "Mrs. (um) Nathan's Mom" before and it just killed me. They want to say it the way they are supposed to but don't know what to say! It is so sweet.

Red Riding Hood said...


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Every since Alexis started school I am called "Alexis' mom", which makes sense. I just haven't had a 14-year old boy with a stach call me that yet though ; ) . Aaaah, wait a minute, I have THREE girls! I will be called that one day! Yikes.